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How Much Will It Cost to Have My Carpets Cleaned?

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Our Carpet Cleaning Prices

We don't guarantee to be the cheapest carpet cleaners in Glasgow but we are proud to offer a top quality service at an affordable price.

We wanted to be as honest as possible about what we charge which is why we include price guides on our website for all our key services.

The guide below shows an estimate of how much it will cost to clean the carpets in your home. For a more exact quote please just give the team a call on 0141 892 6300.

Special Offers

From time to time we do have special offers on carpet cleaning on our website check out the special offers page to find out more.

Our reputation is so important to us which is why we are proud to have so many happy customers.

Happy Customers in Glasgow

Mrs Greening - Very good reliable service. Brian is courteous and professional and explains what he is to do to treat specific problem stains.  He is so refreshing to deal with a professional efficient company. Thank you

Our reputation is so important to us and is the reason why we are so proud to have hundreds of happy customers throughout Glasgow.

With so many delighted clients, amazing results and such a great value for money service we like to think we provide the best Carpet Cleaning Glasgow has to offer.

Here's what just some of those happy customers have had to say about us:

Expert Carpet Cleaning Glasgow - Our Happy Customers

Mrs McCartney - A well run business with the personal touch

Mrs Giles - A very good company and very professional. You will not get a better worker than Brian who did the work. He was very thorough

Miss Steele - I have found your service excellent every time I've used your company and would certainly recommend you

Mrs Bog - I was very impressed with your young man and the cleaning of the carpets

Mrs Poulter - Very helpful & professional

Mrs Sweeney - Very professional & no time wasted

Mrs Wahey - an example of efficiency

Mrs Greening - Very good reliable service. Brian is courteous and professional and explains what he is to do to treat specific problem stains.  He is so refreshing to deal with a professional efficient company. Thank you

Mr Winship - Steven did a great job. He made effort to clean my carpet that was very dirty due to the last cleaner not putting any scotchguard on.

Mrs Cameron - Extremely helpful and pleasant hard working and very careful at all time

Mrs Hamilton - Just took a wee bit long to dry, but i definitely would call again

Mr Waddle - Very impressed about the result

Mr Harrison - As usual very satisfied"

Mr Silcock - Excellent

Mr Ingram - A very good clean efficient service

Mrs McCartney - A well run business with the personal touch

Thank you to everyone for all your lovely comments!

We will be adding more of them to the website in the New Year.

What do you think? Do we provide the Best Carpet Cleaning Glasgow Has To Offer? If you have used us before then please let us know your thoughts!

Who are you sharing your bed with?

It could be with up to 2million dust mites....and their waste!!!

The household dust mite is not anybody's first choice of a bed mate but there might be 2 million of them hiding in your mattress ready to snuggle up when your fast asleep. Its a common misconception that the irritation that dust mites cause is due to their bite but in actual fact it's their waste that people are allergic to.

Recently the news had been full of stories about the current 'Dust Mite Epidemic' in Britain. Take Gabrielle Crabb and his story on how he copes with his allergy and comments from the NHS about dust mite allergies as just two examples. Allergy UK estimates that a massive 12 million people in the UK are now allergic to their own homes with the majority of these allergies caused by the tiny dust mite.

This figure has not been helped by the fact that in modern homes dust mites have thrived, especially those incubated by central heating with little ventilation. Usually dust mites can be found hiding in the bedroom, where a single mattress may contain more than two million dust mites!

The situation has become so severe that doctors revealed plans last month to expose babies to dust mites in an attempt to halt the rising issue. Experts hope that exposing babies to the common bug will strengthen the defenses of the next generation.

Get to know the Dust Mites Living With You

The house dust mite is nearly impossible to see without magnification meaning that nearly 100,000 of them can live in a single square yard of carpet! They primarily feed on dead skin shed by humans and other animals but they can also absorb moisture from the air. A single dust mite produces about 20 waste droppings each day, each containing a protein to which many people are allergic. Disgusting!

How Can I Get Rid Of Dust Mites?

Not happy about sharing your home with these creepy little creatures? Check out our blog in the next few days to find out the best way to get rid of Dust Mites.

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